2-day SEMINAR on Integrating JSXGraph in STACK questions

Included in the course Creation of research-based digital materials (Moodle) to develop STEM competences organized by Center for Mobile Learning with Digital Technology (Bayreuth University) coordinator of ITEMS project (Erasmus + KA2) in collaboration with ALICANTE University.

This seminar is both for experienced STACK users, and colleagues interested in starting to use online assessment in mathematics. The seminar will include a practical workshop for new STACK users, a workshop on creating JSXGraph mathlets and adding to STACK questions, and opportunities for contributed talks.

Alicante (SPAIN). Course from 3 to 6 September 2019/Seminar from 3 to 4 September 2019


  • To familiarize participants with examples of good practice in STEM teaching demonstrated by work developed under ITEMS project.
  • To discuss the integration of JSXGraph in STACK Moodle questions
  • To encourage participants to develop teaching materials using STACK Moodle questions.
  • To learn how to use Learning Analytics tools to evaluate the teaching process effectiveness.


From the presentation of some Science and Mathematics materials developed by ITEMS project, participants will be invited to discuss some guidelines to create digital materials based on the results of didactic research and analyze their didactic effectiveness.

Participants will share educational experiences and increase collaboration within the European dimension of STEM education

Course programme

1. Course preparation (online, starting on 1st of July 2019): Participants will be sent details of a personal account to access to the preparation course. It is a Moodle course where participants could share info about themselves. It is intended also to use this environment to update Moodle skills and to have an overview of the materials created by ITEMS partnership.

2. Seminar set up (face to face, 3 & 4 September 2019)

The course is composed of two type of sessions:

  • PLENARY: background talks by experts or presentation of participants experiences followed by a discussion.
  • WORKSHOP: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sessions about exploring JSXGraph interactive resources, Moodle STEM materials (STACK questions) and analytical assessment procedures.

There will be also Social Activites: Alicante city guided tour and visit to the palm city of ELX

3. Course follow up (on line, ending on December 2019): Using a work-based training approach under the mentorship of ITEMS partners, participants will be encouraged to pilot the project materials using their own VLE or the ITEMS platform. The results of these experiences will be shared through the Moodle forums.

Course venue: Alacant University city venue

It is a FREE ERASMUS KA1 Mobility Course included in the School Education Gateway catalogue: https://www.schooleducationgateway.eu/en/pub/teacher_academy/catalogue/detail.cfm?id=84614
Tuition expenses are covered by ITEMS project, there is only a 20€ fee for organisation purposes.

Express your interest here: https://forms.gle/V4cBUqF4y53Sdwbh6

Contact: itemspro.eu(a)gmail.com