ITEMS – project has ended

On August 31, 2021, the ITEMS project ended. We had three years of exciting and joyful collaboration. Unfortunately, in the second half of the project, COVID-19 prevented face-to-face meetings of our group. However, despite of these hurdles we are proud of the results we could achieve. Meanwhile, the final project reported has been evaluated by the project’s national agency (DAAD, Germany) and an external referee. In this evaluation of the project, it was recommended to the EU commission that ITEMS is listed on their platform as “good practice example! On that page you’ll find a summary of the project’s results as well as an overview on each intellectual output.

The intellectual outputs of the project were:

  • IO1: Research and further development of JSXGraph
  • IO2: JSXGraph handbook
  • IO3: Math Moodle for higher education
  • IO4: Moodle mathematics module for High School
  • IO5: Moodle Science module for High School
  • IO6: MOOC on programming JSXGraph
  • IO7: MOOC Mathematics Higher Education
  • IO8: MOOC on STEM for High School Education

If you are interested in the work of the ITEMS group, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We would be happy to get in touch.

Now, that the project has ended, I want to thank all members of the group for their great work and I hope we can work together in future projects.

Best wishes, Alfred Wassermann